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An easy and halal matchmaking platform for single Muslims that helps them find a potential spouse.|Our goal is to contribute to solve the single life problem through the Islamic organizations.

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ZAWAJ PRO provide a safe, friendly, and halal platform for single Muslims to find a potential spouse.

We help Islamic organizations support their member by offering the perfect setting and guidance for single Muslims and their families to meet and interact with others members, within Islamic boundaries. The website helps create long-lasting marriages – it is NOT a dating service.

The platform can be branded with your UNIQUE LOGO, and a specific domain name so your community will be able to access the service.

We are convinced that our platform can help more effectively our brothers and sisters who want to meet in a lawful context. ZAWAJ PRO was designed for this purpose.

There is NO COST to the Islamic organization. The platform is paid only by the users, and revenues are shared with ZAWAJ PRO.

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If you are an Islamic organization (mosque, Islamic center, association, etc.) that offer to the Muslim community a Matchmaking Service or wishing to offer it, know that ZAWAJ PRO was designed to help you accomplish this noble task.

The benefits are multiple :

  • FREE for Islamic organizations
  • Automation of enrollment management
  • Simple validation process by your team
  • Automated change management
  • Real-time tracking of meeting requests
  • Integrated payment platform
  • Financial Fallout for Central Partner


All stages of the process leading to an eventual meeting scrupulously respect the precepts of Islam.


The candidates have no way to talk to each other because they do not have access to information that can be used for this purpose. We carefully protect this information and will never disclose it.


All candidates undergo a simple validation process by your organization before receiving approval. You should accept only serious people who want to meet in a legal framework.



Please contact us, so we can organize a web remote demo presentation of our platform.

We can present you all the benefits of managing easily your matchmaking service.

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A unique platform for Islamic organizations to manage their matchmaking services.

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